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What happened to the Likud?
By Moshe Arens

... ) An important milestone in this process was, without a doubt, the appointment of Avigdor Lieberman as director general of the Likud some 14 years ago. ... ) This is when the manipulations in the Likud Central Committee really began.

With Sharon's election as Likud chairman came the reign of his son, Omri, as the man in charge of stuffing the Central Committee with his supporters, regardless of their political opinions, and of handing out jobs. If the composition of the previous Knesset is considered to have been the worst in Israel's history, it is largely due to the Likud faction in that Knesset, elected by that Central Committee under a system especially doctored to bring non-entities into the parliament. ... )
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The "Commentary" of "Iran Daily" on why Iran needs the nuke...

End of Nuclear Apartheid

By Mohammad Reza Erfanian

Article preserved for posterity )
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Наш Кубинский ракетный кризис ("The Spectator", Великобритания)
Передовая статья, 12 апреля 2006
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The article by Seymour Hersh from "New-Yorker": American policy in the Middle East (Apr. 2005, one year ago) article text saved for posterity )
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